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Schneider Electric Wiser: Transforming Homes into Smart Spaces

Today we will talk about Schneider Electric’s Connected Home solution: Wiser.

So if you want to take your home’s efficiency, comfort and security to the next level, this article is for you. Let’s get started!!!

¿Qué es Schneider Electric Wiser?

Schneider Electric Wiser is an innovative solution that allows you to turn any home into a smart space. With a combination of devices and applications, Wiser offers total control over energy consumption, lighting, climate control and security, all from the palm of your hand.
Image taken from the official Schneider Electric website.

Importance of Smart Homes

In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, smart homes are not only a trend but a necessity. They allow us to save time, money and resources, as well as provide comfort and security.

Benefits of Schneider Electric Wiser

  • Energy Saving

With Schneider Electric Wiser, you can monitor and manage your home’s energy consumption efficiently. This not only reduces electricity bills but is also beneficial for the environment.

  • Comfort and Convenience

Imagine controlling all the lights and appliances in your home from your smartphone or via voice commands. Wiser makes this possible, giving you unprecedented convenience..

  • Solar Production Management and Electric Vehicle Charging

With Wiser you will be able to control the consumption and production of your solar panels, manage historical data and profitability of your investment. You will also be able to manage your electric vehicle chargers, scheduling charging schedules, visualizing charging data in real time and with access to a series of historical statistics to generate a more complete analysis.

  • Enhanced Security

Security is a primary concern for any home. Wiser offers advanced solutions such as surveillance cameras, motion sensors and alarms that you can control and monitor remotely.

  • Customization

Every home is unique, and Wiser understands that. The platform allows you to customize configurations according to individual needs and preferences, providing a truly tailored experience.

Componentes de Schneider Electric Wiser

  • Control Device

Wiser has a wide variety of devices for the control and comfort in our home. Everything starts from the nerve center of Wiser which is its HUB, to which all the devices that we want to connect and add to our Connected Home environment will be connected.

schneider electric wiser
Image taken from the official Schneider Electric website.
  • Sensors and Actuators

We will feature motion sensors, flooding, opening, closing doors and windows, dimmers, smart plugs, thermostats, smoke detectors, a variety of smart switches and many more items, which we will be looking at one by one in a series of Wiser Devices articles here on this Blog. So, if you don’t want to miss any of them, subscribe to our Newsletter so you’ll hear about them every time I publish an article.

Installation of Schneider Electric Wiser

On the other hand, Schneider Electric promises us a fairly simple installation and at first glance is what it seems, anyway, for each of the articles I publish I will add a review on my Youtube Channel where I will show you how to do the installation step by step and evaluate its difficulty so you know what to do at all times. Also from Schneider Electric they tell me that Wiser is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing devices, which makes a smooth transition and you will not have to worry about complex technical configurations.

Schneider Electric Wiser Use Cases

  • Lighting Control

With Wiser, you can create lighting scenes for different times of the day, enhancing the ambiance of your home.

  • Energy Management

Monitor and manage energy consumption to identify areas where you can save.

  • Home Automation

Program your devices to operate automatically according to your daily routines, such as turning on the lights at dusk or turning off appliances when you leave the house or even having your coffee ready when you get up.

  • Security and Surveillance

Use Wiser’s cameras and sensors to keep your home safe and receive real-time notifications in case of suspicious activity.

Competitive Advantages of Schneider Electric Wiser

  • Integration with other systems

Wiser easily integrates with other smart systems such as Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit, offering a seamless connected home experience.

  • Ease of Use

The Wiser application interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing anyone, regardless of their level of technical expertise, to manage their smart home.

  • Support and Upgrades

Schneider Electric offers robust technical support and constant updates to ensure that your Wiser system is always running optimally.

Future of Smart Homes with Schneider Electric Wiser

schneider electric wiser
Image taken from the official Schneider Electric website.

Innovations on the Horizon

Schneider Electric continues to innovate and develop new features and devices to enhance the smart home experience.

Ecosystem Expansion

Over time, the Wiser ecosystem is expected to expand, offering even more options and functionalities for users.

Positive Environmental Impact

Wiser’s focus on energy efficiency contributes to the sustainability and reduced environmental impact of homes.


Schneider Electric Wiser is revolutionizing the way we interact with our homes. Offering a significant combination of energy savings, convenience, security and personalization. Wiser, without a doubt, is an ideal choice for those looking for a smart, connected and efficient home.

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1.Is it difficult to install Schneider Electric Wiser?

No, the installation of Wiser is quite simple and is designed so that anyone can do it by following the instructions in the application.

2. Can I control Wiser with voice commands?

Yes, Wiser is compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit.

3. What devices can I control with Wiser?

You can control a variety of devices such as lights, appliances, heating systems and security.

4. Does Wiser help save energy?

Yes, Wiser allows you to monitor and manage energy consumption, which can help you identify and reduce unnecessary electricity usage.

5. Is Wiser safe to use?

Yes, Wiser offers several security features, such as data encryption and constant updates to keep your home safe.