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Electrical Panel Design Programs

Hello everybody! In this article I will show you 3 electrical panel design programs that I use, and best of all is that they are free. It will be a super interesting article and I’m sure you will know how to take advantage of it in your professional environment because until the date of publication there is no article like this all over the Internet. So get comfortable and learn how to start designing electrical panels with these three tools.

Let’s get started!

Electrical Panel Design Programs

Next I will begin to mention the 3 electrical panel design programs, in this case I will do it in order of complexity and even I recommend that you work with the three and thus you can see their advantages and disadvantages for yourself. I will leave you the direct links of the downloads of these softwares so that you can get them without problems.

A peculiarity of the first two options is that we will have to fill out a form with our company data. If you are a company or self-employed you have it solved in case you are not you can invent one for this specific purpose.

Once we fill this form we will receive in our email the direct link for the download, so I recommend you not to make up this field.

My final recommendation is that before you start doing specific things, familiarize yourself a little with the interface of each of these programs and even do test projects to get to know them.

In this article I am not going to teach you how to work with them because it would be too long and tedious, but I am thinking of opening tutorials on this topic, so if you are interested do not hesitate to contact us through our Social Media Profiles.

1-CEC Electrical – Manufacturer: IDE Electric

The first of the programs is the easiest to work with. It is from the manufacturer IDE Electric and can be downloaded directly from its official website.

Electrical Panel Design Programs
Image taken from IDE Electric Official Website


As I mentioned previously, once we enter the link to download the CEC Electrical will ask us to fill out the appropriate form from the manufacturer. Completed this step, we will receive the link in our email and we will download our first free program to design electrical panels. All that remains is to simply install it and we could start working with it and create our projects. Note that the manufacturer’s current price list will also be installed, so you will be able to make evaluations with updated prices.

This program has a fairly simple yet intuitive interface. We will only have to create a new project and start working. It is up to you to start developing projects and learn how it works.

Download CEC Electrical Design Software for Electrical Cabinet Design

Next, let’s look at the second of the programs for designing electrical panels.

2-XLPro – Manufacturer: Legrand

The second of the three programs is one of the most complete. However, you will have to spend a little more hours to try to master it as it is somewhat more specialized and being more complete than the previous one gives it more functionalities that will take a little longer to master.

Electrical Panel Design Programs
Image taken from Legrand’s official web site.


For Legrand XLPro you will also have to fill out a basic information form and you can apply the same tips I gave you for the first of the 3 programs to design electrical panels. Once you have completed all the fields, you will also receive the download link in your email and you can proceed to download and install it on your computer.

Some of the improved features that XLPro offers compared to CEC Electrical is that it has a more professional design, allows the creation of single-line diagrams and a more complete budget items. Not to mention that for our designs we will have available multiple ranges and options for the same project. I leave the download link below so you can start working with it.

Download XLPro Electrical Panel Design Software

Now we will see the last of these 3 programs to design electrical panels. The one I use the most to date and my favorite of the 3 so far.

3- EcoStruxure Power Build Rapsody – Manufacturer: Schneider Electric

We have reached the third of the programs for designing electrical panels in this list. Schneider Electric’s Rapsody.

Electrical Panel Design Programs
Image taken from the official Schneider Electric website.


For this program you will not need to fill out any form, simply by accessing the link below, you will be able to download it directly without any further delay or filling out unnecessary data. This, for me, is the first point in favor of this program.

Once we download Rapsody, I recommend that you also download the current rate to get a real idea of what your projects are worth, because if you don’t have it you could mess it up with budgets giving prices that you are no longer in force. I will also leave you the link so you can do it without any problem.

With this program, as with the previous two, you can make all your designs directly always with Schneider Electric material. You will have at your disposal all the ranges of electrical panels developed by this manufacturer and you can even set filters at the beginning of each project to close more options available at the time of design. It will also allow you to make the basic single-line diagrams and modify them at your convenience, adding specific output symbols and numbers for this project.

I don’t consider Rapsody as the most intuitive of all, but it is true that once you become familiar with the interface, the components and the way to use it, you will have it much easier to carry out your projects. Here are the two links so that you can download the last of these programs to design electrical panels and the current tariff.

Download EcoStruxure Power Build Electrical Panel Design Software – Rapsody

Download Current EcoStruxure Power Build Software Price List – Rapsody


As you have seen these three programs to design electrical panels will come in handy if you want to learn to do this type of projects without making any investment and thus acquire these skills that today are in high demand. I will not make specific comparisons of which is the best of all as I prefer you to use the three and you yourself choose if you want to use them all or just one. You can tell me about this in comments.

Anyway, as I know that many like audiovisual content I have created a more complete video on my Youtube Channel where you can see all this content and learn how to download them directly in case you have any doubts. I leave the link below so you can replicate what I explain.

3 Programs for Designing Electrical Panels

If you liked this article be sure to let me know with a like. Share it with anyone who could benefit from this information so they can learn how to use these free programs. If you want some personalized mentoring to learn how to use any of these 3 programs, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards and I hope to see you soon.

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