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Sonoff SNZB-04P: High Security Door and Window Sensor

Today I’m going to show you the Sonoff SNZB-04P, the new Door and Window Sensor that Sonoff has just put on sale and that I already tell you that it brings a super interesting feature. Do you need to take your home security to another level? Well today I will show you all the features of this new device, advantages, price and if it is really worth upgrading to this new version. So join me until the end of this article and find out everything you need to know about the new Sonoff Door and Window Sensor.

Sonoff SNZB-04P

Well, this is the Sonoff SNZB-04P, although we can also call it the Sonoff Zigbee Door and Window Sensor. We are in the presence of the second generation of this range of Zigbee equipment and now we will see all its features, but first, let’s see very quickly What are the Door and Window Sensors and how they work?

Door and Window Sensors

A door and window sensor is an electronic device that detects any opening or closing of doors and windows in your home. These sensors are equipped with technology that allows them to identify changes in the state of doors and windows and send an alert signal when an anomaly occurs. While it can be used in other ways to detect similar openings, these were created for the above home security application.

How do Door and Window Sensors work?

The operation of a door and window sensor is quite simple. These devices consist of two parts: a magnet and a detector. The magnet is placed on the door or window, while the detector is installed in the frame. When the door or window is opened or closed, there is a change in the relative position of the magnet and the detector, which activates the sensor and sends an alert signal.

The above has been just a brushstroke of all the content there is about Door and Window Sensors. I recommend that if you want to know more details about these devices and their advantages, visit the following article:

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Now let’s take a look at the new Sonoff SNZB-04P.

Sonoff SNZB-04P vs Sonoff SNZB-04

We start looking at the packaging terms and I see almost no changes from the previous version (SNZB-04), basically the same small orange box where we will find our magnetic sensor and some documentation. As you can imagine our sensor is divided into two parts: a transmitter and a magnet. As I have explained before, the moment the magnet separates from the transmitter, our sensor will emit a signal letting us know that this device has been activated.

Physical Characteristics

Sonoff SNZB-04P

Now let’s look at the first section where there are several improvements over the previous version, the physical section. As soon as we take this new sensor out of its packaging we realize that the manufacturing quality and finishes of this equipment are much better. If we place them together we will see that in the new version the main mechanism has gained a few millimeters in size, however, it has lost others in the secondary magnet.

We also have two new features on the outside of the device, the first is a button to link our equipment. But the second is a push button that will function as a tamper switch for our sensor. This is definitely a feature that will take the performance of our door and window sensor to another level. And as you can imagine, it will grant us the ability to know, if someone has tampered with our equipment in any way. So make a good note of that advantage.

Technical Features

In the technical features section we have moved from Zigbee to Zigbee 3.0 with a low power consumption protocol, which together with a new CR2477 battery of 3 volts will give us up to 5 years of autonomy according to Sonoff. As you can imagine, we will only know this over time. In any case, the 4P will notify us when it needs a battery replacement, so you don’t have to keep an eye on it.

Remember that you will need a Zigbee HUB to link this equipment and to them we will have the ability that, if the internet fails, our equipment will continue to operate without any problem. So our automations linked to it, will not be affected. Note that we will be able to establish many automations and scenarios, even with WiFi devices. There are the typical ones of turning lights on and off when we enter a room. But we can even place it in drawers or safes to know if someone opens it at some point. If we add to this that we can link these automations with Sonoff cameras, we will have a fairly powerful home security system.

To finish with this section I have to tell you that we will have direct compatibility with several Zigbee HUB’s outside the Sonoff range, such as, for example, the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Plus 2nd generation, the Amazon Echo 4th generation among others. In the case of the Sonoff Zigbee Hubs this sensor is compatible with the ZB Dongle, the ZB Bridge, the NS Panel Pro and the iHost, which in my case is the one I am going to link.

How to link the Sonoff SNZB-04P?

Linking Sonoff SNZB-04P with eWelink

To link our door and window sensor we will do it in the following way:

  1. The first thing we will do is remove the battery contact protector located at the bottom.
  2. Once our sensor is electrically powered we open the eWelink application and scan the QR code of our equipment, press the physical button located at the top and scan through our Zigbee HUB until we find it.

Linking the Sonoff SNZB-04P with Sonoff iHost

As I told you before, I am going to link it to my iHost. So, if you have one, don’t worry, the steps are quite similar.

We remove the battery protector, open the control panel of our iHost, click on add new device and press 5 seconds on the top button of our sensor. In a few seconds it will recognize it, we will give it a name and we could do all the automations we want.

Price of the Sonoff SNZB-04P

Now comes one of the most important points of this review and the one that interests us all the most. How much does this equipment cost? Well, Sonoff has released the SNZB-04P at $10.90, a little more than two dollars difference with the previous version. You can buy it on their official website, but don’t worry, I’ll be leaving you below the direct link and a discount coupon so you can buy it 10% cheaper.

Buy Sonoff SNZB-04P Official Sonoff Web Site

10% Discount Coupon: AXLMSONOFF

Is the Sonoff SNZB-04P worth buying?

Well my answer is yes, and now I will explain why.

If we consider that this new door and window sensor offers us a much better equipment in terms of manufacturing quality, new security features such as the anti tamper switch they have added, which to date I do not remember any of the competition that has it. We also have to add 5 years of autonomy for a device with these features, with Zigbee 3.0 connectivity, which does not make us depend on our internet connection to operate and at a price of $10.90, I think much more can not be asked.

Anyway, as I always tell you, this is just my opinion and I invite you to leave me your comments in the Review you have in my Youtube Channel to see much more information about this device. Let me know in the video comments if you come from this article and I send you a special greeting.

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