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Integrated Security Systems in Buildings

I lost everything once and it will never happen to me again! Now, I feel more secure and when we talk about security it is still not understood because it covers a wide range of possibilities, so I will get to the point. I am referring to the Integrated Security Systems in Buildings.

I went through the bitter experience of having my house robbed, I lost almost everything, the most expensive things, luckily nothing else happened. This was my personal case, but I know of others who also lost everything in a fire. People or companies that think that paying for an Automatic Security System service is an expense instead of an investment, do not know the great risks of not having them. That is why I want to touch in this article why they are so necessary.


Sistemas de Seguridad Integrados en Inmuebles

Security Systems

In general, they can be defined as a group of installed elements that intercommunicate with each other in order to prevent, detect or act against undesirable events such as: intrusions, fires, gas or liquid leaks, etc. To clarify that security systems are very broad and its scope varies according to the needs of each client so we can find comprehensive systems that have one or more of these features. These needs can be focused on the protection of people, buildings or production processes.


Sistemas de Seguridad Integrados en Inmuebles

Buildings Security

Let’s get down to business, as I said I will refer to the Integrated Security Systems in Real Estate applied to homes or businesses. In this area we can identify a wide variety of types of systems, which with the advancement of technology have been improved, allowing users to program, monitor and control them remotely or through control panels within the property itself.

Sistemas de Seguridad Integrados en Inmuebles


Types of Integrated Security Systems

These technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds, just look at the advances of the main manufacturers and you will have an idea of what I am talking about. However, many of these systems are modern solutions focused primarily on solving certain protection mechanisms that have always existed, some of them:

Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)

Refers to video surveillance technologies designed to monitor certain environments and activities of interest. It usually consists of one or more surveillance cameras connected through a specific, private network to one or more monitors, recorders or computers. Among all the systems, this one has a great deterrent power to possible crimes.

Sistemas de Seguridad Integrados en Inmuebles

Automatic Fire Detection Systems (AFDS)

The main function is to detect the presence of heat or smoke to notify the occupants of the building that they must evacuate in case of fire, in addition to alerting emergency entities to come to the site. Their structure varies according to their purpose, but they are usually one or more accredited detectors, interconnected to an alarm center that is responsible for identifying and showing where the fire occurred. These systems are recognized by many experts as the most important (because according to them, more is lost in a fire than in a robbery).


Intrusion Alarm Systems (IAS)

Its main objective is to prevent unauthorized persons from entering certain places during restricted hours. This reduces the risk of theft, break-in or loss of valuable items by means of alarms that are activated when anomalies are identified in the exterior or interior of a building. It is composed of one or several sensors with different operating principles according to their use and the area to be protected, connected to an alarm center that will analyze and take the previously programmed decisions.

Access Control Systems (ACS)

This is defined as the mechanisms that allow identification through different reading means (keypad key, cards, facial recognition, fingerprints, etc.) to allow access to certain specific places previously restricted to certain authorized persons.

Sistemas de Seguridad Integrados en Inmuebles

Which Integrated Security System should I install in my property?

There is no one more important than another, it all depends on your needs. All of them are very important and have well defined objectives. All properties have unique characteristics that vary according to their architecture, terrain, neighbors and of course the social object that is carried out in it, so the answer can only be given by an expert on the subject.

If you need any kind of advice or have any questions you can leave it in the comments or send it through our contact form making clic here.

Did you want to know more? I guess so, but don’t worry, more articles on the subject are coming, but this time with more depth. We will give a tour of each of the different systems explaining in detail components and structures; and in some cases we will see principles of operation of the most interesting devices, compare and reach conclusions.

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