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Electronic Access Control Systems

Hello AutomatistasXlMundo, we are back with security issues and this time with the Electronic Access Control Systems. From the words themselves you can deduce what we will refer to in our article today. These are methods and techniques that allow certain users to access or not to access information or a specific area. In this article we will refer to the latter example.

Remember that in the previous article we have started this topic for those who want to know all the basics about Security Systems in Real Estate. We recommend that before continuing with this topic you take a look at this first article by clicking here.

What are Electronic Access Control Systems?

Electronic Access Control Systems are the devices or mechanisms that allow the entry or exit of people or vehicles to a specific place. For this purpose, three basic tasks must be performed: identification, authentication and authorization.

Garita de Control de Acceso

Each of these tasks will allow the security system to establish necessary actions according to its configuration, actions that can be: register, notify, allow or deny access, among others.

Its use is very common in homes, businesses, factories and warehouses, whenever it is in the interest of the owners to know the personnel accessing their facilities. Large companies such as Google, Tesla and Microsoft have very advanced systems for managing the access of their employees and guests.

Electronic Access Control Recognition Methods

  • Magnetic Cards

This is one of the most conventional methods. Inserting them in reading terminals dedicated to this function will allow to identify or not each user allowing him to access to a certain place.

Tarjeta Electrónica de Control de Acceso

  • Electronic Keypad

    These devices allow users to enter a numeric code or PIN through a keypad. If it is an authorized code, the system will unlock the access allowing passage. They usually have several attempts before locking the user out.

Teclado Electrónico para Control de Acceso

  • Fingerprint

    These are also known as biometric access controls, they allow to read and record some unique characteristics of human beings, in this case fingerprints. And it is well known that there are no equal fingerprints, it is a kind of unique personal signature that we all have. This Electronic Security System is already very common, even cell phones have them incorporated.

Control de Acceso Electrónico por Huella Dactilar

  • Facial Recognition

    This is also a biometric system. The system analyzes the specific features of a person’s face to search and recognize in its database, in case it finds a match, it will allow access. Yes, these are among the most used in movies.

Sistema Electrónico de Reconocimiento Facial

  • RFID

    This term comes from English (Radio Frequency Identification). These devices use radio waves to communicate, allowing them to be read instantly and remotely. They are mostly used for product identification, but there are also cases to control access to different places for vehicles and people.

Sistema de Acceso Electrónico por RFID


It is worth noting that these systems are also used by many companies linked to human resources management software, to know schedules and breaks in their working days, allowing automated control of this data.

Wrapping up

We are aware of the existence of many other types and methods for Access Control, but we will leave them pending for you to mention them in the comments and discuss them with our entire Community. If you prefer, you can leave us some suggestions to further develop the topic in more depth in subsequent articles.

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