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Intruder Alarm Systems

Hello everyone, we are back to continue sharing about security systems and this time we will talk about Intruder Alarm Systems or Burglar Alarm Systems as they are also known. First of all, we want to give you some information based on our experiences with our customers. We can affirm that this type of systems is the most used in private homes and businesses, and it is understandable, since its main objective is to alert the owners and the relevant authorities upon detection of intrusion events to a protected area.

Alarmas para viviendas

The types and manufacturers of alarm systems are very varied, so that their installation applies to all types of premises, not only to: offices, warehouses, factories, buildings, farms, farms, etc.. These we explain better in our first article on Real Estate Security, which you can see by clicking here.

Intrusion Alarm System Components

Many components are used in such an installation. Everything depends mostly on the customer’s needs and the characteristics of the place to be protected. However, the simplest and the most complex systems must necessarily have these three elements:

  • Sensors

    They are devices that detect changes in their environment and respond accordingly. This by converting a physical phenomenon to a measurable analog voltage. The principles of operation are varied, hence comes its use as appropriate, some are: motion, presence, magnetic, glass breakage, among others. In future publications we will deepen on each of these. But, if you would like to know more about these types of devices (sensors) and their categories, we have an article that will surely be very interesting for you. You can take a look at it by clicking here.

Sensor PIR
PIR presence sensor

Sensor Apertura puerta y ventana
Door or window opening sensor
  • Central or Control Panel (Switchboard)

    This is by far the most important of all, as it is in charge of controlling and receiving all the signals from the sensors, analyzing them and acting accordingly. Physically, it is a kind of processing logic board, composed of circuits, ports and microprocessors.

Panel de Control Alarma
Switchboard or Control Panel
  • Siren

    It is an acoustic device, in charge of emitting warning sounds with two main objectives, that the owners and neighbors of the place know the intrusion situation and that the intruder himself knows that he has been detected and dissuade him from continuing with the crime.


Sirena o Alarma


Classification of Intruder Alarm Systems according to the area to protect

The types of Intruder Alarm Systems are usually classified according to the zones or areas to be protected, such as:

  • The immediate and non-immediate exterior areas of the property, where perimeter systems are used.
  • The interior areas of the building, including the entrances, where the most common systems are used.

From this classification comes the information necessary for the selection of the type and quantity of elements to be included in the system.


Seguridad Exterior
Perimeter Security


Wireless Alarm Systems Vs Wired Alarm Systems

This may be the question most users ask themselves before purchasing an Intruder Alarm System. Between these two types of alarms the main difference is obvious, the type of connection. But there are other equally important features that make this decision the right one.

Wireless Alarm Systems are those that do not require wiring, working through radio wave signals, infrared, wifi, among others.  According to international data, Wireless Alarm Systems tend to be the most used in the world. The main reasons for this lie in their advantages:

  • ✅They are easy to install.
  • ✅They have a more elegant finish.
  • ✅They are battery operated.
  • ✅They are flexible to changes and improvements.
  • ✅They are adaptable to any type of property.
  • ✅They reach inaccessible places.
  • ✅The installation services are cheaper.

Although not everything is positive (disadvantages):

  • ❌Their devices are more expensive than wired ones.
  • ❌They require more preventive maintenance.
  • ❌May suffer from frequency interference.
  • ❌They can be affected by external inhibitors that interrupt the signal.

Wired Alarm Systems are those that require all devices to be connected through wires, isn’t it obvious? For many, the safest (for us too):

  • ✅Are less vulnerable to signal inhibitions
  • ✅They present fewer failures having higher performance than their counterpart.
  • ✅They require less preventive maintenance.
  • ✅Their devices are less expensive.
  • ✅They can safely cover a larger area so they are the most recommended in industrial areas.


  • ❌They are less amenable to modifications.
  • ❌Their installation services are much more expensive.

What is the best Intruder Alarm System to choose?

After having put all the features, advantages and disadvantages on the table, which one do you choose? Well, there is a third option and they are the Hybrid Alarm Systems. Which combine all the advantages and disadvantages of these two types, so knowing where to use one or the other type of device is a decision of utmost importance.

Don’t know how to do it? Do you need our help to choose the optimal security system for your home or business? In that case you can fill out the web form that appears in our Contact section and we will contact you to advise you on what you need.


We come to the part we like the least, the farewell. Remind you before that security in your real estate is an investment, not an expense, because when used in the right way it will make your life safer. Research, evaluate, ask experts on the subject, we are available to help you make the right decision.

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