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Today we want to bring you a topic that continues to be related to the theme that we have been taking in the last publications of Automatismos_Xl_Mundo. In this article we will be talking about the MasterPact MTZ by Schneider Electric. We still going to bring you articles related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

If this is the first article you visit, we invite you to read “Internet of Things from scratch”, where we concisely explain all the basics you should know about this topic.

On September 28, the digital event Innovation Day Webinar was held by Schneider Electric(SE) where the future of energy distribution and integration was mainly discussed. In this specific case we would like to focus on MasterPact MTZ circuit breakers.

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MasterPact is the name given to the range of circuit breakers manufactured by Schneider Electric. They are considered the world’s benchmark in this format. These teams have served as a starting model for other manufacturers to incorporate their main characteristics into the products they develop.

Before going directly to the core of the article, we are going to make a brief historical account of the development of Power Switches since its inception.

  • 1923. The open circuit breaker (ACB) is introduced worldwide for the first time.
  • 1987. The MasterPact M emerged: They had an isolated frame, electronic trigger and reduced size.
  • 2000. The MasterPact NT / MW range emerges: They have on-board power measurement and advanced protections.
  • 2018. MasterPact MTZ Announced: More Robust, Featuring a Micrologix X Controller and Online Configurator to Order.

Next we will make a brief presentation of the MasterPact NT and MW models, since the M model is an obsolete model since 2003 and its update is contained in the NT and MW range. In this way we will be able to know the previous versions of the MTZ and what advantages this latest model brings.

Range NT and MW

Schneider Electric’s NT and MW Power Switches integrate all the technological advances that allow them to increase their performances in even safer operating conditions. They ensure ease of installation and commissioning. They have simple and intuitive functions and the respectful design of their equipment with the conservation of the environment.

AutomatismosMundo-MasterPact NT06-Schneider Electric
MasterPact NT


AutomatismosMundo-MasterPact NW- Schneider Electric
MasterPact NW
It offers the smallest footprint in the world, for a true 630 to 1600 A circuit breaker. Presented in two sizes as seen in the image, the smallest for 800 to 4000 A switches and the second for 4000 to 6300 A switches.
Both models have proposals for 5 levels of interrupting capacity that cover a maximum level of applications.  
They have the possibility of being integrated into a general supervision system to optimize the operation of the installation and its maintenance.
They have an open communication architecture , which can be updated to provide interface with any protocol.

MasterPact MTZ

Let’s see how Schneider Electric defines the MasterPact MTZ.

MasterPact MTZ is a complete range of switches designed to protect electrical systems from damage caused by overloads, short circuits, and equipment ground faults. MasterPact MTZ incorporates advanced digital technologies and Micrologic X control units that help contribute to safety and energy efficiency.


MTZs are part of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Power solution, specifically Smart Panels. This solution allows you to proactively identify overloads and inefficiencies, make decisions based on reliable information that improve the operational capacity of the system.

These devices are ready for the future thanks to their incorporation of the latest digital and communication technologies.

They are responsible for connecting your electrical panel to any building and energy management system, so it can be used in both light and heavy industry.

It is an indispensable device in systems focused on efficiency and saving electrical energy, such as: the tourism and real estate industry, leisure and hospitality venues, control and efficiency of lighting and hospitals, just to mention a few.

Its possibility of wireless communication gives it potential in the field of monitoring and control, since a simple smartphone can be used as a Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

Advantages of the MasterPact MTZ compared to previous ranges

1- Micrologic X trip unit

  • Less selection of references to choose from.
  • USB and wireless connectivity.
  • App for smart devices.
  • Ability to configure dual protection.
  • Total self-diagnosis in real time.

2- Multiple integrated communications

  • Ethernet ports with embedded web.
  • Wireless communication by NFC and Bluetooth.
  • General communication by USB.

Bluetooth connection with the MTZ

NFC connection with the MTZ

MasterPact MTZ App

3- Improved strength and precision

  • 100% embedded measurement, guaranteeing less space and less work on integration.
  • Class 1 in energy and power, fully designed to withstand aggressive environments.

4- Three sizes for the same model

  • MTZ1 from 630 A to 1600A
  • MTZ2 from 800 A to 4000 A
  • MTZ3 from 4000 A to 6300 A
AutomatismosMundo-MasterPact MTZ-Schneider Electric
MasterPact MTZ Range Models


We hope that with the information we have provided in this article, we have managed to bring you a little closer to the world of Power Switches. We do not want to finish without first leaving you the documentation regarding these products, which were obtained from the official website of Schneider Electric.

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