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Meross: WiFi Smart Plugs with Matter

In the world of smart home technology, devices that make our lives more convenient and efficient are becoming increasingly popular. One such device that has been gaining ground in the market is the smart plug. In this article, specifically, we will talk about the Meross WiFi Smart Plug. Specifically the Matter compatible model, undoubtedly an innovation that is changing the way we interact with our appliances at home. Join me as we delve into this exciting technology and discover how it can improve your daily life.

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What is Meross?

Meross is a recognized brand in the world of smart home devices. Many of their products stand out for being directly compatible with Apple Home Kit. They have years of experience in developing high quality products which has earned them a solid reputation for their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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WiFi Matter Smart Plug: An Introduction

What is a smart plug?

Before we dive into the specifics of this Matter compatible Meross wifi smart plug it is important to understand what a smart plug is. Simply put, a smart plug is a device that plugs into a standard outlet and allows you to control the flow of electricity to the connected device through an app on your smartphone. Other more advanced versions (like today’s device) have power consumption metering, which gives us an extra advantage when it comes to automating our connected devices.

Matter: The Future of Connectivity

Matter is a revolutionary connectivity protocol that is intended to unify all smart devices under a common standard. Companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon support this technology and are strongly committed to its development and integration. This means that Matter compatible devices can communicate with each other regardless of brand or manufacturer completely opening up the range of possibilities when it comes to acquiring our devices to automate our home. The Meross smart plug compatible with Matter is one of the pioneers in adopting this technology.

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Advantages of the Meross WiFi Smart Plug

1. Remote Control

One of the most outstanding features of this smart plug is the ability to control your devices from anywhere. If you forget to turn off the light or unplug an appliance, simply open the app on your phone and take control.

2. Intelligent Programming

With this device, you can program your electrical equipment to automatically turn on or off at specific times. This not only saves energy, but also adds an extra layer of security to your home by simulating your presence even when you are not there.

3. Support for Voice Assistants

The Meross smart plug is compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This means you can control your devices simply by using voice commands, making your home experience even more convenient.

4. Energy Monitoring

Worried about how much energy your equipment is consuming? With this Matter-compatible smart plug you can track the power consumption of each connected device and make informed decisions to reduce your carbon footprint and electricity bill. This way, you’re not only taking care of the planet, but also your wallet.

Meross Matter WiFi Smart Plug Installation and Configuration

The installation of the Meross wifi matter smart plug is quite simple and does not require advanced technical skills. To do this there are two main options:

  • Configure through the official Meross app.
  • Configure through our preferred Smart Assistant, taking full advantage of the Matter compatibility that this device has.

meross smart plug

In both cases we will first have to connect the plug to an electrical outlet. To do it by the first option, we will open the Meross app, add a new device and follow the instructions that the application will show us until we have configured it completely. In this way to control the device we will have to do it through this application. On the other hand, once we have connected the Meross smart plug to the electric current, a drop-down menu will open almost immediately informing us that a new device compatible with Matter has been detected. Proceed to accept, scan the QR code of the device and from here in a few steps it will be configured and ready to make our life easier.

So you can see this in detail I leave below a Tutorial where you can see in operation this device and learn how to configure it taking advantage of its compatibility with Matter.

Watch Matter compatible Meross WiFi Smart Plug Configuration Tutorial.

Where to buy the Meross WiFi Smart Plug compatible with Matter?

This device can be purchased in two different ways. I tell you this because many times the price varies between both platforms and you can find a better price in one than the other. I leave you both and you choose the one you prefer and is more convenient for you.

Buy Meross WiFi Smart Plug compatible with Matter on Amazon

Buy Meross WiFi Smart Plug compatible with Matter on the official Meross website.

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All in all, the Matter-compatible Meross smart plug is a more than valuable addition to your smart home. With its remote control capability, smart programming and voice assistant compatibility, it allows you to take control of your devices and make your life more convenient and efficient.

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