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New Sonoff Mini R4M: Matter arrives at Sonoff

Today we’re going to talk about a device I just received from Sonoff that is not yet available for sale: the Sonoff Mini R4M. But today you’ll get the scoop on the public release date. Today I’m going to introduce you to the first Matter-compatible device that Sonoff has ever created.

Stay tuned, because this device has been, to date, one of the ones I’ve liked the most out of all the ones I’ve tested here.

Let’s get started!

Sonoff Mini R4 Extreme, the big brother

To get to know this device well you have to know the range of Sonoff smart switches, and among them, the one that for me is one of the best I’ve tried: the Sonoff Mini R4 Extreme. For that I recommend that you pause this article and watch the following review that we have on this blog so you can get to know it. I’ll leave the link below for you to take a look. I’ll be waiting for you when you come back.

Sonoff Mini R4 Extreme Review

If you already know about Sonoff’s most powerful mini wifi switch it’s time to comment and explain what Matter is.

What is Matter?

Matter is an open source communication protocol designed for IoT. It aims to unify communication between smart devices from different manufacturers, creating an interoperable and secure ecosystem. Matter is backed by big names in the industry, such as Apple, Google, Amazon and others, ensuring widespread adoption and robust development.

Sonoff Mini R4M

Advantages of Matter:

  1. Interoperability: One of the key advantages of Matter is its ability to allow devices from different manufacturers to work together seamlessly. This means that you can have a device from one brand and a device from another brand, and they can still communicate effectively, which greatly simplifies the configuration and expansion of your device network.
  2. Security: Security is a major concern in the IoT. Matter addresses this issue by including a robust set of security features. It uses end-to-end encryption and strong authentication, which protects your data and your privacy.
  3. Faster Development: With a standardised protocol like Matter, manufacturers can develop products faster, as much of the interoperability work is already taken care of. This encourages innovation and broadens the range of options available to consumers.
  4. Future Upgrades: Matter is scalable and designed to support future upgrades. This means that your IoT device network will be ready to take advantage of new features and enhancements to the protocol over time.

Sonoff Mini R4M, Sonoff’s first Matter device

If the Sonoff Mini R4 Extreme was already looking very good and is a super interesting device to acquire and start in Home Automation, now with the Matter version it has taken an even bigger leap and becomes the top of the range of the brand in this type of smart switches.

Sonoff Mini R4M

Sonoff Mini R4M, physical and technical characteristics

As you can see in the images, both the Mini R4 Extreme and now the R4M version are identical in terms of physical and technical characteristics. The only difference between these two is that with the latter we can link it through Matter with our favourite smart control application, whether it is Google Home, Apple Home Kit or any of the other existing ones. Thanks to this versatility you can link the Sonoff Mini R4M directly without the need for third party apps or even the eWelink app.

Price and availability of the Sonoff Mini R4M

As I mentioned at the beginning, this new device will go on sale, initially only on the official Sonoff website, today August the 15th 2023.

The price is set in 12.90 euros echa unit, and that if you want to buy it even cheaper use the code AXLMSONOFF with which you will have an additional 10% on any device you buy in the Official Sonoff Store, regardless of the base discount they have at that time.

Buy the Sonoff Mini R4M

Sonoff Mini R4M Full Review

After its launch we will be publishing a full review of this smart switch, in which I will even show you how to connect and operate it with a real application. If you don’t want to miss any of this kind of content, I recommend that you subscribe to the Youtube Channel and turn on the notification bell.

Sonoff Mini R4M

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I can tell you that with this new device, Sonoff has given a blow to the table and has positioned itself as an excellent option to take into account to have devices of excellent quality and a super competitive price. From here we would like Sonoff to continue updating and innovating in versions of devices like this one in its catalogue, which will allow many regular users of the brand to benefit even more from its products.

If you liked this article, leave me a like to let me know and comment what you think about this new update of the Sonoff Mini R4 Extreme. If you don’t want to miss any of our content, I suggest you access our Media Kit where you will have access to all our Social Networks and the Gadgets we recommend in our videos.

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