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Top 5 Cheapest Sensors on AliExpress

Today we are going to talk about a topic that thanks to a video series I created for TikTok has generated a lot of interest and I want to share it here with you. This Series is called Cheap Sensors from AliExpress and today I bring you a selection of the 5 Cheapest Sensors on AliExpress that I recommend you must have if you don’t want to spend practically no money on Home Automation.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1-Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LCD Display

We start with the first of the 5 Cheapest Sensors on AliExpress and we do it with one of the Temperature and Humidity Sensors that I have tried that have surprised me the most. I bought this device for less than 2€ and it has an LCD screen that shows the temperature and humidity values in real time. It also has compatibility with the Smart Life application and will allow you to have an external record of the historical values recorded by this device.

This Temperature and Humidity Sensor is powered by a 3V battery which is included directly inside the sensor and up to the date of publication of this article it has been working uninterruptedly for 5 months, with the screen always on and maintains a 49% remaining battery, so if we approximate calculations we can affirm that it has a battery autonomy of 10 months, it can even reach a year.

cheapest sensors on aliexpress

If I had to put a downside to it, it is that its connectivity with our mobile phone is via Bluetooth, so we will have to be in signal range to be able to update the data in our application. There are also more expensive WiFi options for this sensor that you can buy if knowing the state of your temperature from outside your home is important. But if you wait until the end of the article, I’ll give you an equally cheap WiFi alternative.

Buy Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LCD Display

Here are the links to take a look at this device:

Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LCD Display BT

Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LCD Display WiFi

Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LCD Display ZigBee

2-Door and Window Sensor

We now move on to a type of sensor that is more than essential if you want to know the state of your doors and windows. As far as security is concerned, you can’t go without it in your home and now you’ll see one of the cheapest I’ve been able to find and test to date.

This Door and Window Sensor works via WiFi and needs two AA batteries, which, at least for me, were not included in the purchase. On the other hand it is a very basic device, but it concentrates its efforts on being functional, which at the end of the day is what we need. For less than 3€ we have a sensor that will be able to detect when a door or window in our home is open or closed. You can also use it to detect if the fridge has not closed properly or if someone has opened the safe without your permission.

cheapest sensors on aliexpress

I have been testing this product for a few months now and its performance is as promised by the manufacturer. Fair enough for the price we have purchased it for. In addition, its pairing with the Smart Life application is quite fast, even faster than other more expensive sensors I’ve tried.

Buy the Door and Window Sensor

This sensor also comes in a Zigbee version and I leave you both links below:

WiFi Door and Window Sensor

ZigBee Door and Window Sensor

3-Smart Universal Remote Control

This is a device that has become the control centre for all my remote-controlled (infrared) equipment. It cost me less than €3 and thanks to it I have converted non-intelligent equipment into devices that can be controlled by my mobile phone or my Google Home, but if you have an Alexa you can also use it without any problem. Right now I have smart control of my air conditioning, TV, sound bar and fan in my living room, all from this little guy.

cheapest sensors on aliexpress

One of the things I liked the most is that it works with cables, so you can forget about batteries. It also has a USB-A connection and several metres of cable to make it easy to attach. It pairs very quickly to the Smart Life app via WiFi and has a huge database of multiple brands and manufacturer models to make adding your devices a breeze. Even if the device you want to control is not in the database, you can set it up manually – it will take a little longer, but it will be worth it.

Buy the Universal Smart Remote Control

Universal Smart WiFi Remote Control

Universal Smart ZigBee Remote Control

4-Wireless radio frequency switch

This is the turn of one of the most versatile devices I have ever tested, and although it is not a sensor, nor is it smart, it has proven to be essential in applications where relying on an internet connection or having to wire can be a problem. Examples include controlling garage doors and gates, outdoor lighting and any other application that doesn’t allow you to work with a fairly reliable connection to your router.

This Wireless Radio Frequency Switch is very easy to use and install and according to the manufacturer, with a range of 50 metres it is still functional in terms of signal transmission and reception. It supports up to 10 amps of load on 230 volts AC, comes with a RF433 remote control with battery included and it is possible to link more than one for switching, or to have a spare. But if we add to this the very low purchase price (less than 2€), we have a product that we should have in our home if at all possible.

Undoubtedly, of this top 5, it is one of the most interesting.

Buy Radio Frequency Wireless Switch

Radio Frequency Wireless Switch

Indoor Radio Frequency Wireless Switch

5-Temperature and Humidity Sensor Wifi

We have reached the last of the 5 Cheapest Sensors on AliExpress and this doesn’t mean that it is the least interesting, quite the opposite in fact. Although we have already mentioned a Temperature and Humidity Sensor before, this one is quite different and has other features to take into account that differentiate it from the first option we have seen.

Firstly, it is a WiFi Temperature and Humidity Senser. It does not have any type of display or local indication, and all the management and reading of information is done through the Smart Life application, which must be synchronised beforehand. On the other hand, it works with 2 triple A batteries, and these, in my case, were not included, so make sure you have a couple at home before getting this type of sensor. Some of the users who have told me about their experiences with this sensor guarantee that its autonomy exceeds 6 months, something that would be quite impressive for a WiFi Sensor.

Their price, like the previous options, is considerably low (less than €2). And if you’ve done the math so far, you’ll notice that you can get all these devices for less than 15 euros rounded up.

Here is the link to the one I bought and a ZigBee version in case you want to go for something more advanced.

Buy Temperature and Humidity Sensor

WiFi Temperature and Humidity Sensor

ZigBee Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Which of the 5 Cheapest Sensors on AliExpress should I buy?

To answer this question would be to choose one of them, and in the end I have made this selection on purpose. Each of these sensors are essential to start with Domotics and there are still some others that I will discuss in part 2 of this article.

But if you really want my honest answer, I would say that for the total price of all these devices you should buy them all and start testing each one of them and how they work in your home. If you want to be clear about how they work and see a bit more of these sensors working in real time, take a look at my Instagram or TikTok profile where you can see the 5 videos about the Cheapest Sensors on AliExpress.


We have reached the end of this article where I have mentioned these sensors and their peculiarities. Devices that are essential in a basic home automation system and that you will need to acquire to start enjoying all the advantages that this branch of automation offers you. Whatever you do, enjoy the process and learn as much as you can along the way.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of this article and if you already have any of these devices in your home. Leave me a like if you liked it and remember to follow me on all my Social Networks so you don’t miss any of the content we are publishing about Home Automation, Automation and Electricity.

See you next article!

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