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Automatic Fire Protection Systems

Hello family, what did you miss about electronic security issues? And that is why we are here. Today we bring you what, for many, and I include myself, is the system that should never be missing in a building, I mean the Automatic Fire Protection Systems.
Why should not be missing? Well, because more is lost in a fire than in a burglary, think about it for a second, so in this article we will review the main topics of interest that you should not fail to know.

Sistema Automático contra Incendios
What is the structure of Automatic Fire Protection Systems?

Structurally these systems are composed of several components including sensors to detect fires, of different types and operation, and also actuators such as valves, motors, sirens, among others. Everything depends on the installed system itself and the requirements of the site. All these components will be connected to a Control Panel, which is in charge of analyzing the signal from the sensors and consequently take action in case of certain events.

Sistema Automático contra Incendios
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How do Automatic Fire Protection Systems work?

The main functions of these systems are to detect, alert and extinguish fires automatically. Their use in all types of sites is given for being the safest and most efficient way to prevent possible damage, not only material but also human. There are a great variety of fire sensors, the most common ones detect the presence of smoke or heat. Once the sensory device detects fire, it sends a signal to the control panel, which in turn activates the sound and light alarms. These alarms alert personnel to the presence of fire, allowing them to evacuate or take safety measures. The control panel also has the possibility of activating the fire extinguishing systems, which also vary in different types and principles of operation. In addition, it can autonomously warn firefighters about the occurrence of fire.

Sistema Automático contra Incendios

Types of detectors in Automatic Fire Protection Systems

Knowing the structure and operation, let’s see precisely how some of these fire detectors work and their principle of operation:

Smoke Detectors

These detectors can be classified as:

  • ACTIVE if they suck smoke from the environment and conduct it to the detector.
  • PASSIVE if they wait for the smoke to arrive.

Flame Detectors

Flame detectors are designed to detect fire radiation at the selected wavelength. For this purpose, optical detectors of different spectrum bands or a combination of these are used.

Temperature Detectors

These are devices designed to capture the increase in temperature that occurs in the environment as a result of the heat released during combustion.


Types of extinguishing methods in Automatic Fire Fighting Systems

Let’s now focus on how these systems can extinguish fires. Do you know which are the most widely used in the world?

  • Dry Chemical Powder Extinguishing Systems (SQP)
  • Foam Extinguishing Systems
  • Carbon Dioxide extinguishing systems
  • Water extinguishing systems (the most common and widely used in the world)


Tipos de formas de extinción en los Sistemas Automáticos contra Incendios


Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Fire Protection Systems

As I mentioned at the beginning, having automatic fire protection systems is a pure advantage because:

  • It exponentially reduces the loss or serious damage to equipment and materials.
  • It reduces the risk of injuries to the building’s personnel.
  • It generates significant savings in terms of property and real estate losses.
  • Reduces the legal damage that the owner or business owner may face for not protecting their employees or customers.

Well I will be impartial, they also have some disadvantages:

  • They tend to be systems with a high initial cost.
  • They require regular maintenance of the components that make them up.
  • False alarms can occur.


Ending Automatic Fire Protection Systems

After this tour I hope that you will conclude, as we have, that automatic fire protection systems are a great investment in safety. We hope we have helped to clarify doubts and false opinions on this subject.

Remember that for personal advice you can contact us through our Contact Form. Let us know in the comments what you thought of the article and if you have any of these systems installed.

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