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Sonoff S60 iPlug S60 Smart Plug

Today we are going to talk about the new Sonoff S60 iPlug Smart Plug recently released by this manufacturer. So if you like Domotics and want to know everything about this new device I suggest you get comfortable and be attentive to the end where I leave you a serpresa.

Let’s start!!!

Delays with the Sonoff S60 iPlug

Before starting the review of the Sonoff S60 iPlug or S60TPF I have to say that Sonoff has been quite late in releasing the version for Europe with power consumption measurement. After the S26, its “improved” version S26R2 and the ZigBee alternative it had, none of these three had power metering when there were already similar models such as the S31 and S40 for the American market that already had this functionality. I really noticed this lack, but perhaps it was worth the wait. So finally the day of the birth of the Sonoff S60 iPlug has arrived and below we are going to start with the review.

Sonoff S60 iPlug S60 Smart Plug

Sonoff S60 iPlug

Sonoff S60 iPlug Physical Characteristics

As I told you before the specific model of this Smart Plug is the S60TPF (for Spain), made of plastic, and I must say that of very good quality and with an excellent feel to the touch. It suggests that perhaps Sonoff has been a little late as they wanted to offer a new design and unequipo really good in every way. It is a white model with a matte gray interior, as well as the external control button that the device has.

Sonoff S60 iPlug Technical Features

Based on ESP32, the Sonoff S60 iPlug is designed for 250 volt AC power, supports a maximum load of 16 amps, so the total power consumption that this device can handle is at most 4000 watts. Note that this is a bit of a cheat since we don’t usually have 250 volts of voltage in our homes, but it’s good to know that it can handle it.

It’s a device that works with our Wi-Fi at 2.4Ghz, being the outgoing version I wouldn’t expect anything else, we’ll see if we see a ZigBee version in the future, fingers crossed.

Compatibility with Matter?

Sonoff S60 iPlug

For this version we will not have it, and it is something that I did not like very much since Sonoff had adopted this connectivity in previous equipment such as the Sonoff Extreme R4(matter) Smart Switch. I repeat, this is the first version of the equipment and it is likely that in future versions we will be able to see Matter compatibility implemented.

On the other hand, we continue to maintain remote control by eWeLink application, voice control through our smart assistants from Google and Amazon and LAN control, so if we run out of internet or our router fails, we can continue to control our device through the application or with the automations configured.

Advantages of the Sonoff S60 iPlug

For this version if we compare it with the S26R2 they have included the overload protection, which will provide us with greater security as it will automatically disconnect our iPlug if it reaches the maximum load supported. They have also finally added the consumption measurement, which will allow us to keep a record of data and configure certain automations based on these readings.

We continue now with the unboxing. Minimalist packaging as usual Sonoff in their products and inside we find the regulatory instruction manual, as well as the plug itself.

To link it we open our eWelink application, add our smart plug, follow the instructions of the application and in no time we will have it linked. There is a peculiarity that I liked and is that we can add it to our iHost or NS Panel Pro in case we have one of them. If you don’t know Sonoff’s iHost yet, you will find a card below so you can take a look at it later.

Sonoff S60 iPlug

With the new iPlug we will be able to establish time ranges for switching on and off equipment, measure the consumption of the appliances we connect and keep a detailed record for calculating electricity bills or monitoring in real time. In addition, we can add it to automations with sensors that we already have at home. A very basic one that you can program with this device and a presence sensor is the switching on and off of a lamp when it detects presence in a room.

Where to buy the Sonoff S60 iPlug?

As I always do in the equipment review articles, I will leave below the link to purchase this equipment. In this case it is only available at the moment on the Official Website of Sonoff which is where I always recommend buying. Also at the beginning I told you that you would have a surprise, and that is that you have a 10% discount code valid only on the Sonoff website for any of their equipment. Enjoy it!

View Sonoff S60 iPlug Sonoff Official Sonoff Website

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So far I really like the new Sonoff S60 iPlug Smart Plug, what I see and how it works. It denotes excellent quality and has very good features, in addition, it has a highly competitive price, not to say that to date is the cheapest I’ve seen with this quality.

Anyway if you prefer to see it in operation I have left a full review on my Youtube Channel where you can see it working a little more in depth. I leave the link below for you to take a look.

See Sonoff S60 iPlug Review

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