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5 Essential Devices to Get Started with Home Automation

In this article I will be talking about 5 basic devices that you need to transform your home into a smart and connected space. Specifically we will talk about equipment to start in home automation that you have to have and that will make your life much easier since you have them.

Here you will find models, prices and direct links to each of them so you can take a look at them.

What is Home Automation for?

Surely many of you who are watching me have had the idea to start automating equipment in your home. And is that in these times the philosophy of the Connected Home is no longer the future but the present. So, before going into this article I want to answer the question: What is home automation for?

Domotics, also known as home automation, refers to the integration of technology in the different systems and devices of a home with the aim of improving the quality of life and efficiency in the use of resources.

Now, having made the above clear, let’s start with the first of our 5 essential devices to get started with home automation.

1- Google or Alexa Smart Assistants

We open this list with one of the most important devices to control your home automation devices: the virtual assistant. No matter if it is from Google or Amazon, these intelligent assistants are essential to control all your devices through voice commands, otherwise we would have to do everything with our mobile, obviously, it does not fulfill the expected function. Imagine being able to turn on the lights or the weather, adjust the temperature of a specific room or play your favorite music, all just by saying it!

As of today, Google models range from 30 to 100 euros depending on the model and features.

On the other hand, in the Amazon family of devices, which is somewhat more numerous, we can find them from 20 to over 200 euros. And one of the direct advantages offered by Amazon’s Virtual Assistants over Google’s is that the 4th generation Echo model incorporates compatibility with Zigbee, Matter and Thread, which will save money in the future as it will work as a local HUB without the need to purchase a specific one for this function. So keep this in mind.

👉View Amazon Echo 4th Generation

2- Smart Switches

It’s time to move on to one of the most important and essential basic devices you need to remotely control your electrical equipment: I’m talking about smart switches. These devices are mainly designed to control lighting, but over time you will discover many more applications where you can use them.

equipos para comenzar en domótica

With smart switches, you no longer need to get up or move to turn lights on or off. You can turn any traditional switch into a smart switch and control the lighting with voice commands or from your phone if you prefer.

In this section we have numerous brands, models and prices. We can find equipment from Shelly, Meross, Aubess, Sonoff, the variants are quite wide, but I’m going to mention some models that I’ve tried before and really the value for money is pretty hard to beat.

I’m talking about the Sonoff R4 Extreme, in its WiFi, Zigbee and Matter versions. What I like most about this device is its small size and versatility to connect and link it to the application. The Matter version is one of my favorites to date and offers us the ability to link it directly to our smart assistant.

The prices for these versions on Sonoff’s official website start at:

👉9.90$ for the wifi version.

👉12.90$ for the wifi version compatible with matter.

👉13.99$for Zigbee version.

As you can see these are quite interesting and competitive prices for the features they provide. In our Youtube Channel you will find more in-depth rewiews of these devices so you can know everything about them. So, I invite you to go over there when you finish reading this article and see all the content I have.

3- Smart Plugs

We left the smart switches behind and now we move on to one of my favorite pieces of equipment: Smart Plugs. These are another of the basic equipment you will need to have all your electrical devices under control. In addition, if you buy it with integrated power consumption measurement you will be able to take control and home automation to a higher level since you will be able to monitor and optimize your energy consumption.

With these plugs you can convert all your analog devices into smart, you can control and program their on and off, make automations with them and measure the actual energy consumption so you are aware of what you spend at all times.

In this section we also have several interesting brands and here I am going to leave you two proposals that I liked a lot this year are very close in quality, price and performance.

👉Meross Smart Plug compatible with Matter

👉Sonoff S60 iPlug Smart Plug

If you want to know more details about these devices and their operation you have both reviews in the Youtube Channel and below I leave you both direct links.

Review Meross Matter Smart Plug

Review S60 iPlug Sonoff Smart Plug

4- Smart Lighting

We come to the penultimate of the basic equipment that you have to take into account and a very important one. Now we will talk about Smart Lighting.

This is a fundamental point in the automation of our home and although I prefer to control my traditional lighting with smart switches, there are times when light bulbs, LED strips and smart panels can be excellent complements to the lighting of our home.

Intelligent lighting, apart from the control and programming of automations, will allow you to increase energy efficiency in this section. You can set different colors of lights, and regulate the intensity of the same, making the highest power consumption is not always necessary.

In intelligent lighting equipment there is a great variety of manufacturers and brands, so below I will leave you the 3 links of the main equipment that I have installed for my intelligent lighting.

👉Sonoff Smart Light Bulb

👉Sonoff RGBIC LED Strip 5m

👉Govee Smart Panels

5- Temperature and Humidity Sensors

We enter the last section of these 5 equipments to start in home automation and one of the most important to maintain comfort in our home. And is that controlling the temperature and humidity in our rooms is essential if we want to have a cozy place and above all improve our energy efficiency. This is where Temperature and Humidity Sensors play a very important role in achieving these goals.

Think that with just a smart plug and a temperature and humidity sensor, you can make sure that your room always has the temperature you want.

In my case, I have been using Sonoff’s Zigbee temperature and humidity sensor for some time and it is one that I highly recommend due to its value for money. It is one of the few that I have tested that are suitable to be placed inside our refrigerator and this will allow us to know the temperature and humidity parameters of our food, and it can even alert us if it has been left open. Its price is around $10.90 on the Sonoff website and they promise a battery life of up to 4 years.

Here is the link to the product and the full review so you have more information about this device and you can see what it is capable of in operation.

👉Sonoff Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Review Sonoff Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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As you have been able to see these are 5 devices to start in home automation. With these devices you will be able to start creating automations in your home and make your life easier. I recommend that before buying compulsively you make a list of devices to control and write down the equipment you really need. This way you will be able to optimize your expenses and get the most out of your investment.

If you liked this article let me know with a nice like. Remember to take a look at the reviews of the Youtube Channel so you have all the detailed information of each of these teams and you can decide if you like and really want to buy them for your home.

I send you a hug and hope to see you soon.

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