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Electrical Panels introduction

In our Telegram Channel we have been publishing posts about recent works on the design and manufacture of electrical panels. These publications have been very popular and have led us to make this article to delve deeper into the subject. If you are not yet part of our community in Telegram, we invite you to join us by clicking here.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is an Electrical Distribution Board?

Electrical Panels
Taken from the official website of Schneider Electric


The distribution panel, load center, control and protection panel or general switchboard, is one of the main components of the electrical device, which is divided in each different circuit by the fuse, the magnetic thermal protection and the distributor protection device. As is the case in most homes, each installation has at least one main panel, being able to be supplied power from this or more auxiliary panels, which is usually the case in industrial installations and large stores. In short, it is the guardian of your home and business. If you have something connected to the power supply, I assure you that it comes from an electrical panel.

Fundamental characteristics of an Electrical Cabinet

Electrical cabinets usually come in many different categories depending on the application for which they are intended. We can find cabinets for houses, garages, swimming pools, industry, etc… In each of these applications the same characteristics are not taken into account to select the cabinet to be used and it is necessary to see all the specific requirements of the project for its correct sizing, selection and subsequent assembly and commissioning on site.

Electrical Panels
Taken from the official IDE Electric website


But if we have to mention that there are features and types of cabinets based on their installation that are common and basic in each of the enclosures that can be defined before delving into their selection. Within these characteristics we find:

Common design features of electrical panels

Types of electrical panels according to their installation

  • Indoor or outdoor cabinet.
  • Built-in cabinets: They are used inside walls or structures.
  • Water and Dust Protection Index (IPxx).
  • Surface cabinet: They are supported on different surfaces.
  • Cabinet Certifications.
  •  Mural Cupboard: They are hung or placed on the walls.


Main manufacturers of Electrical Cabinets

There are many manufacturers of electrical panels worldwide, but we will mention below the ones that we consider, in our experience, to be the best, with the widest variety of products and most used in projects. If you have worked with any others that you think should appear in our list, let us know the name in the comments and the reason for your selection.

  1. Schneider Electric. Download  Catálogo SE Prisma Plus 2019
  2. SIEMENS. Download Catálogo Distribución Industrial Siemens
  3. IDE Electric. Download Cat_general_IDE_2021_WEB
  4. HAGER. Download tarifa_920_web

In the list above you will be able to download quickly and free of charge the catalogs of each of these manufacturers. They are also available on their websites, but we thought it would be a good idea to save you the trouble of searching for them.


This has been an article to introduce the subject of Electrical Cabinets in our catalog of publications and topics for discussion, since as we mentioned at the beginning is a very interesting and demanded by our community.

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    It’s interesting to know about electrical cabinets and how each structure requires a specific type. We decided to build our house from scratch last year, and we’re looking for electrical supplies to design our system, so my wife and I think your article will help us. Thank you for describing electrical panels and how they protect our house’s electrical panel.

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      Hi Eli, I am delighted to read that my article has helped you to define and clarify the electrical material you need to renovate your home. Regards

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